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Announcement about Bio-Industrial Automation Program

From 2017, Bio-Industrial Automation Program will stop recruiting students. However, we encourage students who have enrolled in the Program to finish it and will assist our students in acquiring program certificates afterwards.



To cultivate talents for bio-industrial automation and support the Industrial Automation and Electronic Business Project proposed by the government, the Education and Research Center for Bio-Industrial Automation has adjusted the content of the Agricultural Automation Program, transferring it into the Bio-Industrial Automation Program so that it better meets the needs today. The Program is committed to developing automation technology and automated systems for bio-industries such as agriculture, forestry, fishery, animal husbandry, and their service industries in pursuit of the overall automation of production, manufacturing, and marketing.

By collaborating with experts and talents from CBA and other relevant fields in NTU, the Program is able to support cross-departmental and cross-college researches and teaching on bio-industrial automation technology. The Center hopes to improve the career prospects of students who wish to become interdisciplinary talents in the field of bio-industrial automation.


Since the objective and the nature of the courses included differ, the Program offers two different schemes for the subfields under bio-industrial automation:

1. Mechatronics

2. Computational Biology

Mechatronics scheme focuses on automation techniques applied in bio-industrial sector, which enables students to use, design, and conduct R&D on bio-industrial automated systems.

Computational biology scheme emphasizes on using computational methods in the emerging bio-industries, which equips students with the abilities to calculate and integrate systematic functions of bioinformatics when engaging in R&D activities.

Program students should choose at least one scheme. All courses are classified as introductory, fundamental, and professional according to the order students are recommended to take. Each scheme offers introductory courses so that students may have a general understanding of the subfield before selecting more advanced courses. After finishing the introductory courses, students are recommended to select from the fundamental courses according to personal need in application and proceed their study orderly. They may then possess the integral concept and application ability they would need in pursuit of the career in the subfields of bio-industrial automation they aim at, adopting strong ability in designing and conducting IR&D on bio-industrial automation systems or the solid background in bio-industrial automation planning and management.


A student enrolled in the Program should select at least 1 introductory course and 3 professional courses. The total credits the student selects from introductory, fundamental, and professional courses should exceed 20 credits. The minimum score to pass in all courses is 60.


NTU students in the 2nd year or above who are aiming at the career in bio-industrial automation.

Application Verification

Submit a copy of complete academic transcript in the beginning of the 1st semester every school year. (Applicants must be NTU students in the 2nd year or above.)

Fill in the application form.

Obtain permission from his or her home department chair.

Obtain permission from his or her home college dean.

The application will be verified by the Education and Research Center for Bio-Industrial Automation during the first week of course add in and drop out.

Take courses.

Complete all 20 credits. / Does not complete all 20 credits.

Complete the Program.

Apply for a copy of complete academic transcript in Registrar Division.

The transcript will be verified by the Education and Research Center for Bio-Industrial Automation.

Receive the Certificate of Completion from NTU.

The applicant, an NTU student in the 2nd year or above, may apply through NTU’s online application system during the period of course selection. The applicant should print the application form out and submit it with a copy of complete academic transcript to the Education and Research Center for Bio-Industrial Automation after obtaining permission from his or her home department chair and home college dean. After the application is verified by the Center and permitted by the College of Bioresources and Agriculture, the Center will announce the result before the second week of the semester is over. Students who complete the required number of credits and meet grading standards before graduation must notify the Center initiatively a month before graduation and submit both Chinese and English transcripts (one copy of each) and the Application Form for the Enrollment Certificate to the Center. Once this form is reviewed and passed by the Center and approved by the Dean of Academic Affairs and the President of NTU, the student will receive a Certificate of Completion of the Bio-Industrial Automation Program.

To apply, please visit

Regulations for the Establishment of Bio-Industrial Automation Program(passed in the 2nd academic affairs meeting in semester 2 2015)

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