Center for Intelligent Agriculture Education and Research of Bioresources and Agriculture National Taiwan University

Events and Activities

The Education and Research Center for Bio-Industrial Automation integrates research projects and matters concerning the improvement in the teaching of bio-industrial automation. Projects conducted these years include Monitor System for Livestock Wastewater, Research on Robots, and RFID Raises the Production and Marketing Efficiency of Broilers.

The Center has also held several events in recent years, including the Seminar for Bioinformatics 2005, Seminar for Systems Biology 2006, Workshop for Systems Biology and Bioinformatics 2007, Workshop for Systems Biology and Soft Computing 2008, Seminar for the Situation and Prospects of Plant Factory in East Asia 2011, and International Seminar for Information Technology Applied in Precise Agriculture and Sustainable Operation 2013. In the future, the Center will focus more on the cooperative education and the promotion and service of bio-industrial automation.

bok choi
bok choi

International Seminar for Information Technology Applied in Precise Agriculture and Sustainable Operation 2013

The Workshop for the Application of Agricultural Communication Technology 2014

This workshop has allowed professionals from agricultural research institutes, agricultural research and extension stations, farmers' associations, agriculture production and marketing groups, professionals in the promotion of agricultural information, and NTU colleagues who are interested in the topic to share their experience and exchange their opinions.

E-Agriculture has long been promoted. This workshop included a series of keynote speeches discussing how we may effectively raise the efficiency of agricultural production, how we might open up a new type of business model for agriculture, and how we may improve product quality. The discussion about e-agriculture revolved around how information and communication technology (ICT) is applied in agriculture and supplemented by modern information technology, accelerating the inspection the product quality in commodity market and implementing the system of product resume.

bok choi