Center for Intelligent Agriculture Education and Research of Bioresources and Agriculture National Taiwan University


Computer Classroom

The computer classroom is equipped with 50 personal computers, all installed with both common licensed software and those related to bio-industry. All computers are connected to the computer hosts on and off campus through the Internet. To support lectures, panel discussions, and multimedia teaching, the classroom provides digital and slide projectors, a DVD player, a TV set, a projection screen, and other information appliances and electromechanical devices.

Movable partition walls may divide the classroom for 50 students into two separate rooms to allow classes of 18 and 32 to take place at the same time.

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Distance Learning Classroom

To improve the interaction between the College of Bioresources and Agriculture and other colleges and departments of prestigious universities worldwide, the Center has planned a distance learning classroom in Room 402, the conference hall, in Tomatake Hall of the Department of Bio-Industrial Mechatronics Engineering. The classroom can contain 100 students, featuring an environmental control system, three camcorders, two projectors, and an advanced speaker system. By connecting to other distance learning classrooms in Taiwan and abroad, real-time lecture streaming and mutual discussions are made possible. Currently, the distance learning classroom allows up to four connections simultaneously.

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Research Facilities

Data Center

The Data Center includes a network firewall and numerous web servers, allowing the users to do researches and the departments and other subordinate institutions under the College to set up their own home page.

The Center offers the teaching environment and equipment for bio-industrial automation. Every year, more than 25 regular courses, seminars, and training courses utilize the facilities provided by the Center. The facilities are also popular among students. The rate of equipment utilization has always maintained over 80%.